Faculty & Staff

Current Faculty

Dena Aufseeser

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research Interests: Critical Poverty Studies, Urban Geography, International Development, Children’s Geographies and Children’s Rights

Matthew E. Baker

Ph.D., Professor

Research Interests: Watershed/Riparian Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Hydrology and Fluvial Geomorphology, Urban Forestry, GIS and Remote Sensing

Dawn Biehler

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research Interests: Urban and Feminist Political Ecology, Urban Environmental History, Environmental Justice, Urban Green Space, Housing Justice, Human-animal Relationships, Health Geography, Climate Change

Suzanne Braunschweig

Ph.D., Principal Lecturer, Associate GES Department Chairperson

Research Interests: Science Education, Plant Physiological Ecology, Shale Barren Endemic Plant Species, Long-Term Forest Community Dynamics

Erle C. Ellis

Ph.D., Professor

Research Interests: Global Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Land-Use Change and Sustainable Land Management

Matthew E. Fagan

Ph.D., GIS Graduate Program Director, Associate Professor

Research Interests: Causes and Consequences of Habitat Fragmentation, Landscape Ecology, Remote Sensing and GIS, Conservation Biology, and Sustainable Land-Use

Jeffrey B. Halverson


Professor, Associate Dean of Graduate School

Research Interests: Severe Storms, Meteorology & Climatology of the Mid-Atlantic Region

Margaret B Holland

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Interim Department Chair

Research Interests: Human Dimensions of Environmental Change, Land Tenure, Environmental Conservation and Resource Management, Land Use Dynamics, Rural Livelihood Strategies

Charles Ichoku

Ph.D., Professor, Director of GESTAR II

Research Interests: Earth Observation and Climatology, Wildfires and Emissions, Atmospheric Composition and Radiation, African Environment and Water Cycle

Charles Kaylor

M.S., Lecturer & Director of GIS and Cartography Labs

Ellen Kohl

Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Environmental Justice, Environmental Governance, Intersectional Geographies, Science-Policy Interface

David Lansing

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research Interests: Rural Livelihoods, Political ecology; Environmental Governance, Climate Change Policy

Dillon Mahmoudi

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research Interests: Economic Geography, Critical GIS and Counter-Mapping, Urban Studies, Labor Markets, Digital Geography, Youth & Carceral Geographies

Michele Masucci

Ph.D., University System of Maryland Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development

Nancy McAllister

M.S., Lecturer

Research Interests: Avian Conservation, Community-based Watershed Restoration, Science Education


Andrew J. Miller

Ph.D., Professor

Research Interests: Hydrology, Geomorphology, Water Resources, Urban Environment

Colin Studds

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research Interests: Animal Migration, Biogeography, Population Ecology, Quantitative Ecology

Christopher Swan

Ph.D., GES Graduate Program Director, Professor

Research Interests: Stream Ecology, Benthic Macroinvertebrates, Consumer-Resource Dynamics, Food Webs

Yolanda Valencia

Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Geographies of Latinx Migration, Critical Geographies of Race, Latinx Feminist Methods and Theory

Ron Wilson

M.S., GIS Associate Graduate Program Director

Alan Yeakley

Ph.D., Professor, Associate Dean – CAHSS

Research Interests: Ecosystem Ecology, Watershed Hydrology, with emphases on Urban Ecology and Riparian Ecosystems

Administrative Staff

Donna Dwayer

Administrative Assistant II
Office: 211 Sondheim Bldg.


Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff

Sari J. Bennett


Research Interests: Economic Geography, Geographic Education

In Memoriam:

Roger Dubois


Research Interests: Geomorphology, Coastal Morphology, Fluvial Morphology
Remembering Dr. Roger Dubois

Robert Earickson


Research Interests: Urban Geography, Geography of Disease, Health Care

Keith Harries


Research Interests: Geographical Aspects of Social Issues, Geography of Crime

Sandy Parker


Research Interests: Environmental Conservation, Public Lands, Amazonia

In Memoriam:

Thomas D. Rabenhorst


Research Interest: Cartography

Joseph School

M.A., Professional Staff Emeritus
Former Director of Cartographic Services Laboratory

Research Interest: Production Cartography

Robin Schmidbauer Heckathorn

Office Supervisor, Retired