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Christopher Swan

Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, 2003
216 Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building

Research Interests

Community Ecology, Biodiversity, Urban Ecology, Ecology of Rivers & Streams

Recent Research Activities
  • Metacommunities in River Networks
  • Multi-Scale Diversity in Built Ecosystems
  • Community Assembly and Stream Restoration
Recent Publications

Johnson, A. L. &  C. M. Swan. 2014. Drivers of Vegetation Species Diversity and Composition in Urban Ecosystems. In R.A McCleery, M.N Peterson & C.E. Moorman (Ed.), Urban Wildlife Science: Theory and Practice. Springer.

Swan, C. M. & B. L. Brown. 2014. Using rarity to infer how dendritic network structure shapes biodiversity in riverine communities. Ecography, in press.

Van Meter, R. J., C. M. Swan, J. Leips, J. W. Snodgrass. 2014. Road salt deicer as an environmental constraint on urban pond communities. PLOS One 9(2):e90168.

Kominoski, J.S., J.J. Follstad Shah, C. Canhoto, D.G. Fischer, D. Giling, E. González, N.A. Griffiths, A. Larrañaga, C.J. LeRoy, M.M. Mineau, Y.R. McElarney, S.M. Shirley, C.M. Swan & S.D. Tiegs. 2013. Functional implications of global changes in riparian plant communities. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 11(8):423-432.

Van Meter, R.J., C.M. Swan & C.A. Trossen. 2012. Effects of road deicer (NaCl) and amphibian grazers on detritus processing in pond mesocosms. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31(10):2306-2310.

Swan, C. M. & C. A. DePalma. 2012. Elevated chloride and consumer presence independently influence processing of stream detritus. Urban Ecosystems 15(3):625-635.

Swan, C. M. 2011. Consumer presence and resource diversity independently induce stability of ecosystem function in a Piedmont stream. Ecosphere 2(12):136.

Brown, B.L., C.M. Swan, D. Auerbach, E.H. Campbell-Grant, N.P. Hitt, K.O. Maloney & C. Patrick. 2011. The metacommunity concept as a multi-species, multi-scale framework for studying the influence of river network structure on riverine communities and ecosystems. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 30(1):310-327.

Gessner, M.O., C.M. Swan, C.K. Dang, B.G. McKie, R.D. Bardgett, D.H. Wall & S. Hättenschwiler. 2010. Diversity meets decomposition. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 25(6):372-380.

Brown, B.L. & C.M. Swan. 2010. Dendritic network structure constrains metacommunity properties in riverine ecosystems. Journal of Animal Ecology 79:571-580.

Boyero, L., R.G. Pearson, D.D. Dudgeon, V. Ferreira, A.J. Boulton, M.A.S. Graça, E. Chauvet, C.M. Yule, M.O. Gessner, R.J. Albariño, A. Ramirez, J.E. Helson, M. Callisto, M. Arunachalam, J. Chará, R. Figueroa, J.M. Mathooko, J.F. Gonçalves Jr., M. Moretti, A.M. Chará, J.N. Davies, A. Encalada, S. Lamothe, L.M. Buria, J. Castela, A. Cornejo, A.O.Y. Li, C. M’Erimba, V.D. Villanueva, M.d.C. Zúñiga, C. Swan & L. Barmuta. 2011. Global patterns of stream detritivore species richness: implications for biodiversity loss in changing climates. Global Ecology & Biogeography 21(2):134–141.

Lecerf A., G. Marie, J.S. Kominski, C. LeRoy, C. Bernardet & C.M. Swan. 2011. Incubation time, functional litter diversity, and ecosystem characteristics predict nonadditive litter mixing effects on decomposition: A synthesis from streams. Ecology 92(1):160-169.

Recent Presentations

Swan, C. M., Brown, B. L., Wahl, C. Dendritic network structure constrains the relative role of local and regional effects on community assembly in restored stream reaches. Annual Meeting of the Society for Freshwater Science, Jacksonville, FL, 2013.

Brown, B. L., Swan, C. M., Wahl, C. Experimental test of local and regional influences on the structure of benthic macroinvertebrate communities: a metacommunity context for restoration. Annual Meeting of the Society for Freshwater Science, Jacksonville, FL, 2013.

Swan, C. M., Brundrett, K. F. Local and regional constraints on diversity of an experimental urban metacommunity. Annual Meeting of the Society for Freshwater Science, Jacksonville, FL 2013.

Johnson, A. L., Tauzer, E., Swan, C. M. Human legacies differentially organize functional and phylogenetic diversity of urban herbaceous plant communities at multiple spatial scales. Ecological Society of America 95th Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, 2013.

Brown, B. L., Swan, C. M., Wahl, C. Metacommunities in river networks:  Elucidating mechanisms that structure communities through surveys and experimentation. Ecological Society of America 95th Annual Meeting a, Minneapolis, MN, 2013.

Domingos, C., , Ferreira, V., Canhoto, C., Swan, C. M. Effects of a whole-stream increase in temperature and a dominant shredder (Allogamus laureatus) in the variability patterns of detritivore and fungal communities. INTECOL, 2013.

Courses Taught

Ecology, Conservation Biology, Field Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Advanced Ecology