Christopher Swan

Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, 2003

216 Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building

Research Interests

Community Ecology, Biodiversity, Urban Ecology, Ecology of Rivers & Streams

Recent Research Activities
    • Biodiversity in River Networks
    • Multi-Scale Diversity in Built Ecosystems
    • Community Assembly and Stream Restoration
Recent Publications

Swan, C.M., L. Boyero & C. Canhoto (editors). 2021. The Ecology of Plant Litter Decomposition in Stream Ecosystems. Springer.

Swan, C. M., B. L. Brown, D. Borowy, J. Cavender-Bares, A. Jeliazkov, S. Knapp., Z. Lososova, J. Padullés Cubino, S. Pavoine, C. Ricotta, D. Sol. 2021. A framework for understanding how biodiversity patterns unfold across multiple spatial scales in urban ecosystems. Ecosphere e03650

Avolio, M., C. M. Swan, D. Jenerette & D. Pataki. 2021. Forum: Incorporating human behaviors into theories of urban community assembly and species coexistence. Oikos EDITORS CHOICE

Lamy, T., N. I. Wisnoski, R. Andrade, M.C.N. Castorani, A. Compagnoni, N. Lany, L. Marazzi, S. Record, C. M. Swan, J. D. Tonkin, N. Voelker, S. Wang, P. L. Zarnetske, and E. R. Sokol. 2021. The dual dimensions of metacommunity variability. Oikos EDITORS CHOICE

Sol, D., C. Trisos, C. Múrria, A. Jeliazkov, C. González-Lagos, C. M. Swan, J. A. Tobia & S. Pavoine. 2020. The worldwide impact of urbanisation on avian functional diversity. Ecology Letters 23(6): 962-972

Borowy, D. & C.M. Swan. 2020. A Multi-Trait Comparison of an Urban Plant Species Pool Reveals the Importance of Intraspecific Trait Variation and Its Influence on Distinct Functional Responses to Soil Quality. Front. Ecol. Evol.

Andrade R, J. Franklin, K. L. Larson, C. M. Swan, S. B. Lerman, H, L. Bateman, P. S. Warren, A. York. 2020. Predicting the assembly of novel communities in urban ecosystems, Landscape Ecology,

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Todd, P.A., L. H. L. Loke, E. C. Heery, R. H. Thurstan, D. J. Kotze & C. Swan. Forum: The impacts and processes of marine urbanization. Oikos

Brown, B. L., C. Wahl & C. M. Swan. 2018. Experimentally disentangling the influence of dispersal and habitat filtering on benthic invertebrate community structure. Freshwater Biology 63(1): 48-61.

Courses Taught

Ecology, Quantitative Field Ecology, Aquatic Ecology