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Dillon Mahmoudi

Dillon Mahmoudi


Ph.D., Portland State University
Assistant Professor
211-N Sondheim Hall
410-455-3153 | @dillonm
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Research Interests

Economic geography, critical GIS and counter-mapping, urban studies, labor markets, digital geography

Research Focus

My research focuses on the nexus of regional economies and new variants of capitalist production. More broadly, the common theme of technology undergirds and connects my research on labor market dynamics during industrial restructuring, geographies of urban inequality, and political ecology. Methodologically, I seek to combine advanced quantitative methods, critical GIS, and qualitative research.

Selected Publications

Complete list & downloads are available on my website:

Attendees of the Revisiting Critical GIS Meeting. “Revisiting critical GIS.” Environment and Planning A 48 (5) (May): 815-824. doi:10.1177/0308518X15622208

Thatcher, Jim, David O’Sullivan and Dillon Mahmoudi. 2016. “Data Colonialism through Accumulation by Dispossession: New metaphors for daily data.” Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 34 (6): 990–1006. doi:10.1177/0263775816633195

Mahmoudi, Dillon, and Anthony Levenda. 2016. “Beyond the Screen: Uneven Geographies, Digital Labour, and the City of Cognitive-Cultural Capitalism.” tripleC: Communication, Capital and Critique 14 (1) (February): 99-120.

Lubitow, Amy, Dillon Mahmoudi, EmmaDeppa, Santiago Mendez, Raquel Nasser Stevens, Nathan Rochester, Kylas Tompkins. December. “Understanding Spatial Equity in Portland, Oregon.” Prepared for the City of Portland.

Selected Recent Presentations

Mahmoudi, Dillon. 2018. “Locating Digital Capitalism: The New Urban Frontier.” Annual Conference of the American Association of Geographers (AAG). New Orleans, LA.

Mahmoudi, Dillon. 2018. “Feminization of Software Labor: Segmentation, Bifurcation and Deskilling.” Urban Affairs Association (UAA). Toronto, ON.

Mahmoudi, Dillon. 2017. “Apologies for the Following Quantitative Data: Success and Failure in Data-Driven Projects.” Resistance GIS. Portland, OR.

Mahmoudi, Dillon. 2017. “Code Yourself To A Better Future: The Feminization of Software Labor.” Annual Conference of the American Association of Geographers (AAG). San Francisco, CA.

Co-organizer. 2016. Space of Struggle: Radical Planning Mini-Conference, Portland, OR. November. Sponsored by Critical Planning and Planners Network.

Co-organizer. 2015. Critical Geographies Mini-Conference, Portland, OR. November.

Courses Taught

GES 330: Economic Geography
GES 383: Statistical and Thematic Cartography
GES 386/686: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GES 486/687: Advanced Applications in Geographic Information Systems
GES 488/688: Spatial Data Analysis and GIS Applications