Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Scott Jeffrey


Research Interests: Physical Geography



Affiliated Faculty

Peter Goffman

Ph.D., Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Research Interests: Environmental Regulation of Microbes, Role of Microorganisms in Ecosystem Functions Related to Nutrient Cycling, Water and Air Quality and Soil Carbon Storage

Steward T. A. Pickett

Ph.D., Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Research Interests: Urban Ecosystems, Function of Landscape Boundaries, and Plant Community Succession







Richard V. Pouyat

Ph.D., U. S. Forest Service

Research Interests: Evaluating Urban and Suburban Effects on Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics, Ecosystem Responses to Multiple Environmental Stressors, Watershed Responses to Urbanization

Christopher P. Steele

Ph.D., Affiliate Associate Professor

Research Interests: Political Geography, Geopolitics, Memorial Landscapes, Geographic Thought

JCET Faculty

Petya K. E. Campbell


Research Interest: Spectral Analyses, Using Fluorescence and Reflectance Remote Sensing, Vegetation Monitoring and Change/Stress Detection

Karl Fred Huemmrich


Research Interests: Remote Sensing, Ecosystem Structure and Functions

Christopher A. Shuman

Ph.D., GESTAR II at NASA GSFC’s Cryospheric Sciences Branch

Research Interests: Ice Sheet Margin Changes, Glacier Mass Losses, Remote Sensing, Landsat


Ali Tokay


Research Interests: Cloud and Precipitation Physics, Severe Storms

Kevin R. Turpie


Research Interests: Remote Sensing, Ocean, Coastal and Inland Waters, and Wetlands; Ecosystem Structure and Change