Minor in Environmental Science

To earn a minor in environmental science in conjunction with a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree in another discipline, students must complete a minimum of 19 credits, with a “C” or higher. No course taken on a P/F basis shall count toward the minor.

To enroll in the Environmental Science Minor, you must add it through the declaration of major form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office through RT.

Required courses include:

  • GES 120 – Introduction to Environmental Science
  • GES 220 – Environmental Science Lab and Field Techniques


Four GES Electives: (300 level or above)

At least one of the four courses must be at a 400-level course. All courses must be approved by a GES faculty member.

A minimum of two of the four ges elective courses must come from the physical geography/environmental science side of the program. These courses are designated ges 304 to ges 319, and ges 404 to ges 419 along with select ges 302 or ges 400 approved by your ges faculty advisory.

Two courses from the human geography/environmental studies side of the program can be used toward the minor, but no more. They include courses numbered between ges 320 to ges 369, and ges 420 to ges 469 along with select ges 302 or ges 400 approved by your ges faculty advisory.

Students interested in an environmental science minor must consult a GES department faculty member for assistance in choosing appropriate courses.

Please note – a student can not major in GES and earn a Environmental Science or Geography minor as well