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Joseph School

M.A. Temple University, 1983
Director of Cartographic Services Laboratory
009 Sondheim Hall


Research Interests

My two primary interest are in production mapping and map projections. I have been a member of the Department of Geography and Environmental Systems since 1986. Between 1996 and 1998 I worked with Dr. Lamouse-Smith, Africana Studies Department, (retired) on a CD of Africa Maps. The CD was designed to introduce the continent to students through a web based interface. It incorporates some seven hundred pages of maps, photographs, tables, and questions. In 2002 I worked with Dr. Sari Bennett, Department of Geography & Environmental Systems, on a Physiographic Map of Maryland. The Map was distributed to each Maryland County for use in all 4th grade classrooms.

My current teaching responsibilities include GES 286, Introduction to the Environment: A GeoSpatial Perspective, GES 386, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and supervising GIS and Cartography Internships.

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