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Introducing your 2023-2024 GESCoM E-Board!

And your 2023-2024 GESCoM E-Board is....

President: Celine Brundridge 
- Celine is a rising senior, GES major. She is not only a passionate GES student, but she has also exhibited great skill in leadership, organization, and event/project management through her experience as an Eco-Ambassador Team Leader under the Office of Sustainability as well as EWB Officer.
- From her experience as a long-term member of GESCoM as well as her collaboration with us on various projects from her involvement in the Eco-Ambassadors, she is set to lead GESCoM with the passion, dedication, and knowledge this organization needs to succeed.
- Congratulations Celine, and we wish you well on this new journey!

Secretary: Bridget Diaz 
- Bridget is a rising sophomore, GES major. She is a passionate environmental science student with a fascination for our major and the goals of GESCoM. She also has secretarial experience due to her experience as a secretary of the tennis facility at the Woodmont Country Club, where she was in charge of overseeing scheduling lessons, monthly outlooks for member events, and designing flyers for upcoming events - all skills that would benefit GESCoM.
- Through her involvement in events we have held over the past year due to being a long-term GESCoM member, she is set to accompany her fellow E-Board members with the passion and expertise that defines this organization.
- Congratulations Bridget, and we wish you well on this new journey!

Treasurer: Anisah Allen (she/they)
Anisah is a rising junior, GES major, who is also pursuing a certificate in French. They are a passionate GES student with experience in forest geography due to their involvement in an international forest geography project this past year where they accompanied a team in collecting data on certain areas, and measuring the growth patterns and dispersion of trees in forested areas, this one specifically being around our campus.
- Through their experience in this project and diligent following of the GES major curriculum, they are set to accompany their fellow E-Board members with a dedication to GES and its mission that is at the very core of the ideal GESCoM E-Board member.
- Congratulations Anisah, and we wish you well on this new journey!

Posted: May 15, 2023, 11:57 PM