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Dissertations and Theses

PhD:  Geography and Environmental Systems

Johnson, Anna. The ecology of urban vacant lands: human-mediated local versus regional control on plant community assembly. (Swan 2015)

Dandois, Jonathan. Remote Sensing of Vegetation Structure Using Computer Vision. (Ellis, 2014)

Lindner, Garth.  Controls on Reach Scale Hydrologic Response in Urban Streams and Implications for Restoration Design:  A Case Study (Miller, 2014)

Magliocca, Nicholas. Using Agent-based Models as Virtual Laboratories for Exploring Human-Environment Interactions in Land-Use Systems. (Ellis, 2012)

Merner, Laura. Power and Knowledge: Flood Hazard in the Coalfields of Southern West Virginia. (Miller, 2014)

Voglozin, Nohemi. Eco-geographic Patterns of Genetic Diversity of African rice, Oryza glaberrima, in Benin (West Africa). (Parker and Lewis, 2013)

Williams, Yvette. The Socio-Ecological System of Vacant Lot Management for Southwestern Baltimore Neighborhoods. (Biehler, 2013)

PhD:  Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences (MEES)

Harrison, Melanie. Biogeochemical Hotspots of Nitrogen Removal in Urban Streams and Riparian Wetlands.  (Groffman and Miller, 2011)

Prosser, Diann. Wild Birds and Emerging Diseases: Modeling Avian Influenza Transmission Risk Between Domestic and Wild Birds in China. (Ellis, 2012).

Van Meter, Robin. Road Salt Runoff: The Relative Contribution of Direct and Indirect Effects in Pond Food Webs. (Swan, 2011)

Masters of Science: Geography and Environmental Systems

Antill, Erica. A Biogeographical Study of the American Chestnut: An Evaluation of Intentional Introgression and a Spatial Analysis of Chestnut Habitat in Maryland. (Lewis, 2011)

Branum, Tiffany. Bringing Public Back: Exploring Problems and Possibilities in Public Market Redevelopment at Union Terminal Market. (Biehler, 2014)

Bieberich, Joe.  The Independent and Interactive Roles of Spatial Variation and Dispersal on Zooplankton Metacommunity Structure. (Swan, 2013)

Jones, Dan. Examining Development Induced Geomorphic Change through time using Multi-temporal LIDAR-derived Digital Elevation Models. (Baker and Miller, 2013)

Jennifer Li.  The Role of Elevated Dissolved versus Foliar Nitrogen on Leaf Litter Processing in Stream Ecosystems. (Swan, 2011)

Krieg, Judith. M.S. in Geography & Environmental Systems, (Miller 2011)

Martin, Haley. Effects of Disturbance and a Dominant Consumer on Stream Community Assembly: Experimental and Observational Evidence. (Baker and Swan, 2012)

Donovan, Mitchell. Quantifying Remobilization of Legacy Sediment from Maryland Piedmont Floodplains. (Miller and Baker, 2014)

Newton, Meridel. Perceptions of Wind Power, Community, and Renewable Energy Landscapes. (Biehler and Lansing, 2013)

Panunto, Matthew. Effects of River Valley Segment Sequencing on Floodplain Hydroperiods. (Baker, 2012)

Schall, Daniel. The Chickens’ Grain: Understanding Contestations around Land-Use Best Practices on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. (Lansing, 2014)

Shamer, Sierra. The Outcomes of Translating Neoliberal Environmental Theory: A Critical Analysis of Payments for Ecosystem Services. (Holland and Lansing, 2014)

St. Pe, Alexandra . Examining Multidecadal Relationships between the Saharan Air Layer and Large Scale Atlantic Hurricane Environment (Halverson, 2013)

Thomas, Janel . A Multi-Scale Observational Analysis of Factors leading to Hurricane Earl’s Rapid Intensification. (Halverson, 2012)

Masters of Science:  Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences (MEES)

DePalma, Carrie. The Influence of Eastern Hemlock Decline on Organic Matter Processing, Invertebrate Community Structure and Consumer-Resource Interactions in Streams (Swan, 2008)

Jones, Josh. Interactions between Riparian Forest Restoration and Tree Biodiversity on Litter Breakdown in Stream Ecosystems (Swan, 2008).