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Baltimore County Fire Department
Information Technology Division
Contact: Greg Harrer at gharrer @

GIS interns are desired to perform duties with in the Mapping Section of the IT Division.  This division produces maps that are carried on all Baltimore County fire and EMS apparatus.  These maps show the locations of streets, fire hydrants, water sources, buildings and various hazards and are a vital component of emergency responding in the county.  The mapping section works closely with the County GIS Division, the Emergency Dispatch Center and the Emergency Operations Center.

Activities for GIS internship:
Map hydrants.  This involves editing shapefiles in Arc GIS.

Convert previously mapped hydrants to spatially accurate county base map.  This task involves editing shapefiles and making comparisons to older maps.

Map rural water sources.  Another task that involves editing of shapefiles.  This could also include field collection of data using GPS equipment to obtain coordinates and personal observations to obtain other characteristics.

Prepare annotation for revised firebox maps.  This would involve editing annotation in a personal geodatabase with Arc GIS.

Make comparisons of revised fireboxes to older maps.  This involves visual comparisons of new maps to previously issued maps to ensure all required details are included.

Label features on maps using Arc GIS.
Scan fire surveys and firebox maps.  Convert maps and surveys to PDF format.  Create CD’s of maps and fire surveys for distribution to fire stations and field personnel.

Produce firebox maps using advanced features and layers of Baltimore County.  This would involve using Arc GIS and other data resources of Baltimore County, including orthophotography, cadastral, centerline and topographic data sources.

Generate New Street Notices to fire personnel.  Involves using Arc GIS and a template to generate notices that inform field personnel about newly proposed street and subdivision construction.