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Dillon Mahmoudi

Dillon Mahmoudi

Assistant Professor

Geography and Environmental Systems

Janet & Walter Sondheim Hall 211J


Ph D Portland State University 2017

Graduate Certificate Portland State University 2016

BS Georgia Institute of Technology 2006


I’ve always been interested in technology and cities. I’ve lived in 8 cities across 3 continents. During high school, I got an opportunity to work on the software side of the Microsoft Keyboards and Mice team in Redmond, Washington. After high school, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia taking a brief break to work on Microsoft’s .NET Framework in Dublin, Ireland. I then moved to Austin, Texas and worked on the eCommerce Team at National Instruments. In 2009, began graduate school in Urban Studies at Portland State University where I was a Research Associate at City Observatory. I moved to Baltimore in 2017 when I joined the Department of Geography and Environmental Systems as Assistant Professor.

Research Interests

My research follows the theme of mapping capital: economic geography, critical GIS and counter-mapping, urban studies, labor markets, digital geography, youth & carceral geographies

Teaching Interests

I currently teach a number of courses related to GIS, mapping, and economic geography:

  • GES 330: Economic Geography
  • GES 383: Statistical and Thematic Cartography
  • GES 386/686: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • GES 486/687: Advanced Applications in Geographic Information Systems
  • GES 488/688: Spatial Data Analysis and GIS Applications
  • GES 700: Seminar in Geography – Logics of Capital: Witchcraft, Slavery, and Waged-Work.

Contracts, Fellowships, Grants, and Sponsored Research

Dillon, Mahmoudi (Co-Principal), Aufseeser, Dena E. (Co-Principal), Billo, Emily (Co-Principal), Hanrahan, Kelsey Hanrahan (Co-Principal). “Urban Geography Seminar Series Award,” Grant Sponsored By: Urban Geography Journal. (Apr 1, 2021 –

Intellectual Contributions

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