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B.S. in Geography

The BS in Geography and Environmental Systems requires a total of 61 credits, including a minimum of 22 credits from other disciplines. Internship and independent study do not count toward the minimum number of credits required for the BS degree. Statistics courses taken outside of the department cannot be counted toward the minimum number of credits for the BS degree.

All students are required to complete the following 14 credits of core courses:

  • GES 102 – Geography of Human Activities [3]
  • GES 110 – Geography of Environmental Systems [3]
  • GES 286 – Exploring the Environment: a GeoSpatial Perspective [4]
  • GES 386 – Introduction to Geographic Information Systems [4]

In addition to the core courses identified above, a minimum of 27 additional credits in other departmental electives is required. Distribution requirements for these are as follows:

Four physical geography courses at 300 and/or 400 level (305 – 319, and 405 – 419).
Selected topics courses (GES 302, GES 400) designated by faculty advisor as meeting the requirement can be counted. Either GES 111 or GES 120 can be used to fulfill this requirement, but not both.

At least one of these four courses must be a 400-level course; no more than one of the four may be a 100-level course.

Two upper-division electives chosen from the following sequences:
GES 320-369, 420-469x [6] OR Sections of special topics courses (GES 302 or 400) designated by department faculty as meeting the distribution requirement.

Three additional electives, at least one of which must be a 400-level course [6]

Electives from outside the department:
Six courses representing a minimum of 22 credits, including five courses in mathematics and natural sciences, to be selected in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor, as follows:

  • MATH 151 [4]
  • STATISTICS [4] (one of the following:)
    • STAT 350
    • STAT 351
    • STAT 355

Two of the following [8 credits]:

  • BIOL 141 [4]
  • CHEM 101 [4]
  • PHYS 111 [4]
  • PHYS 121 [4]

One additional course to complete a year of study in either biology, chemistry, physics or math and statistics, to be selected from the following list:

  • BIOL 142, GES 308 (Ecology) may be substituted for BIOL 142).
  • CHEM 102
  • PHYS 112, 122
  • MATH 152, 221, 225,or STAT 414. [3-4]

One additional elective from the above list, or a computer programming course, or another math / science course with approval of advisor [3-4]

Note: No course in which a student has earned a grade of less than “C” shall count towards the major requirements. No course taken on a P/F basis shall count toward the major.