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Coline C. Dony

donyPh.D., University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 2016
Visiting Assistant Professor
009-B Sondheim Hall



Research Interests
Health of cities, quality of life, health geography, spatial accessibility and multi-modal transportation, social media as a tool to monitor satisfaction of citizens

Recent Research Activities
• Measuring spatial accessibility to parks to improve population health in Charlotte (NC).
• Design a survey instrument to better understand access to parks.
• Web-scraping spatial data from online resources such as Google Maps, Foursquare and Twitter to complement government data sources.
• Applying sentiment analysis to online reviews to better understand satisfaction about urban amenities such as parks.

Recent Publications
2015 Dony, C., Delmelle, E.M. and E.C. Delmelle. Re-conceptualizing accessibility to parks in multi-modal cities: A Variable-width Floating Catchment Area (VFCA) method. Landscape and Urban Planning, 143: 90-99.

2015 Delmelle E.M., Jia, M., Tang, W., Dony, C. and I. Casas. Space-time visualization of dengue fever outbreaks. In Kanaroglou P., Delmelle, E.M. and A. Paez (Eds.). Spatial Analysis in Health Geography: 85 – 100.

2014 Delmelle, E.M., Dony, C., Casas, I., Jia, M. and W. Tang. Visualizing the impact of space-time uncertainties on dengue fever patterns, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 8(5): 1107-1127.

2013 Delmelle, E.M., Cassell, C.H., Dony, C., Radcliff, E., Tanner, J.-P., Siffel, C. and R. Kirby. Modeling Travel Impedance to Medical Care for Children with Birth Defects Using Geographic Information Systems, Birth Defects Part A: Clinical Molecular Teratology, 97(10): 673-684.

Other Publications
2014 Blanco, L.R., Dony, C. and C. Dadzie. Study on Crime and Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean. In: USAID documents and reports.

Recent Presentations
2016 Dony, C. Access to parks as an environmental determinant of health: geographic and socioeconomic disparities in Charlotte, NC. World Medical & Health Policy, Social Determinants of Health Workshop (Arlington, VA), Sept 15

2016 Dony, C. Modeling spatial access to urban parks incorporating perception of park visitors and within the local context of Charlotte, North Carolina. Joint International Society for Urban Health and Association of American Geographers Meeting (San Francisco, CA), April 1- 2.

2015 Dony, C. Access to public parks as a place-based health prevention strategy. Optimal Solutions Group, LLC (College Park, Maryland), June 18.

2015 Marsh D.M., Delmelle E.M. and C. Dony. Evaluating Travel Impedance Agreement among Online Road Network Data Providers. International Conference on Location-based Social Media (Athens, GA), March 13-14.

2015 Dony, C., Yonto, D., Omokaro, O. and E. Bello-Ogunu. The Social Traveler’s Program. The UNC Social Entrepreneurship Conference (Greensboro, NC), Student competition, Feb. 28.

2014 Dony, C. Spatial Analysis in Health Geography: GIS & Computational Challenges. Geography and Geospatial Science Working Group, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta, GA), Sept. 21.

2014 Dony, C. How to measure accessibility and what is the influence of travel modes on access results? Case study on public parks in Mecklenburg County. Center for Applied GIScience, UNC Charlotte, April 30.

2014 Dony, C., Delmelle E.M. and E.C. Delmelle. Spatial accessibility to public parks in Mecklenburg County, NC: comparison by travel mode. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting (Tampa, FL), Spatial Epidemiology III: Accessibility – Paper Session, April 8-12.

2013 Delmelle E.M., Cassell C.H., Dony, C., Radcliff E., Tanner J.-P., Siffel C. and R.S. Kirby. Modeling travel impedance to medical care using geographic information systems for children with birth defects. Annual Meeting of the International Clearinghouse for Birth Defects Surveillance & Research (San Jose, Costa Rica), Dec 3-6.

2013 Dony, C. and E.M. Delmelle. Modeling spatial accessibility to public parks in Mecklenburg County using a variable two-step floating catchment area method, comparing potential travel modes. International Medical Geography Symposium (East Lansing, MI), GIS and Quantitative Methods I – Paper Session, July 17.

2013 Dony, C. Modeling Spatial Accessibility to Public Parks in Mecklenburg County (NC). Mecklenburg County Department of Parks and Recreation (Charlotte, NC), March 5.

2012 Dony, C. I love accuracy: Comparison of travel times between commercial and open geographic data providers. Charlotte-Metropolitan GIS User Group (Charlotte, NC), Nov 29.

2012 Dony, C., Delmelle E.M., R. Kirby, Tanner, J.-P. and C.H. Cassell. Modelling Accessibility to Specialty Clinics for Children with Birth Defects in Florida ’98-08. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting (New York City, NY), Spatial Epidemiology V: Health Care Accessibility – Paper Session, Feb 24-28.

Recent Honors and Awards
2015 Joanna R. Baker Memorial Graduate Fellowship, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
2014 Thesis award of the Transportation Geography Specialty Group, Association of American Geographers
2013 Best poster at the National Birth Defects Prevention Network Conference

Courses Taught
Undergraduate and graduate level course: Programming for GIS
High-school level: Computer Science Immersion Program (through Girls Who Code)