GES CoM: Council of Majors

The Geography & Environmental Systems Council of Majors (GESCoM) works to promote the academic interests, social interests

GESCOMBannerand unity among students, faculty, and staff within the Geography & Environmental Systems Department here at UMBC.

Anyone who is interested is welcome to join!

Keep a lookout in your e-mail, on the my.umbc Group Page, GESCoM bulletin board in the basement of Sondheim, or the GESCoM Facebook page for updates on meetings and events.  Exact dates and locations will be specified via e-mail.

Please contact any of the GES CoM officers below if you have questions about the organization and would like to join.  You will be added to the mailing list per your request to get up-to-date information on GESCoM happenings.

Join our group page on my.umbc and like us on Facebook!

my.umbc Group Page:

Facebook Page:

GES CoM officers for Spring 2014:

President: MaryAnne Dalanon ;

Vice President: 



GES CoM Faculty Advisor: Dr. Maggie Holland ;